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(not the trombonist; the other one)

Welcome to the official website for Josh Roseman, fiction writer and voice artist. You may have seen my writing in Asimov's, or heard my voice on Escape Pod and StarShipSofa. I'm also a web developer, a father, and a human being. I have a full bio here, and a full listing of my published works here. Please feel free to add me to your RSS reader, or to whatever social network you prefer. You can e-mail me if you want me to write or voice something for you. Thanks for visiting.

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My performance of Ray Banks’s “The Travel Agent” is up at Crime City Central. Listen here.

It’s not for youngsters. Take note.

The first half of my performance of Jack Vance’s “The Moon Moth” is now available at StarShipSofa.

Please forgive my singing voice.

I’m performing Part 2 of “The Boneless One” by Alec Nevala-Lee in StarShipSofa #270.

My novella/novelette/long-short-story “Secret Santa” has been published by the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. I’d say it’s rated PG — no sex, a little violence, some bad language but nothing extreme. Listen here.

I’m performing “The Boneless One” by Alec Nevala-Lee on StarShipSofa. Click here for Part One.

Warning — it’s kind of a horror story.

I’m narrating "Ichabod Crane: Master of the Occult", a continuation of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. The story was written by DK Thompson and is a full-cast production.

I’m performing Escape Pod #363, “Flowing Shapes” by Rajan Khanna. The story contains sexual situations and may be offensive to some readers, but it’s a pretty good story, so… y’know… just deal with it.

My narration of When Caverns Yawned by Captain S.P. Meek is now up at Protecting Project Pulp.

I don’t really like the voice choice I made for Dr. Bird, but I’d already committed to it by the time I realized he had some looooong monologues.

I have a few minor roles in this bawdy tale of swordplay and crotch-adjustment known as Dunesteef Episode 130.

I’m performing (most of) Pseudopod #285 — “Kill Screen” by Chris Lewis Carter. Click here to listen.

I’m performing “Next Time, Scales” by John Moran in this week’s Escape Pod. Listen here.

I’m playing Mr. Cragg in “When the Black Bird Circles Back” by Greg van Eekhout. Listen here.

I’m reading David Carani’s “The Paradise Aperture” in this week’s StarShipSofa. The story is in this year’s Writers Of The Future anthology as well.

Click here to hear it.

This week on the Drabblecast, I’m narrating “Divorce in the House of Flies” by Dustin Reade. Click here to put it in your ears.