Josh Roseman
(not the trombonist; the other one)

Welcome to the official website for Josh Roseman, fiction writer and voice artist. You may have seen my writing in Asimov's, or heard my voice on Escape Pod and StarShipSofa. I'm also a web developer, a father, and a human being. I have a full bio here, and a full listing of my published works here. Please feel free to add me to your RSS reader, or to whatever social network you prefer. You can e-mail me if you want me to write or voice something for you. Thanks for visiting.

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DK Latta, author of “Marking Time on the Far Side of Forever”, sent a note to Escape Pod saying he enjoyed my presentation of his story (which you can hear by clicking this awesome link).

It’s always nice to hear from an author who likes how I’ve interpreted his/her work.

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